Wire - Pink Flag

Vendor: Harvest
Color: Red


(collectors item)* see vinyl info. unofficial release.

Originally released on Harvest in 1977, Pink Flag is perhaps the most original debut album to come out of the first wave of British punk. Exhibiting severe art school damage, Wire careens at breakneck speed through 21 songs in 36 minutes to create an album that has influenced bands for nearly thirty years. 180 gram audiophile vinyl.  www.pinkflag.com/


1. Reuters  
2. Field Day for the Sundays  
3. Three Girl Rhumba  
4. Ex Lion Tamer  
5. Lowdown  
6. Start to Move  
7. Brazil  
8. It's So Obvious  
9. Surgeon's Girl  
10. Pink Flag  
11. Commercial  
12. Straight Line  
13. 106 Beats That  
14. Mr. Suit  
15. Strange  
16. Fragile  
17. Mannequin  
18. Different to Me  
19. Champs  
20. Feeling Called Love  
21. 12XU

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Wire - Pink Flag Wire - Pink Flag