When The Wind Blows - OST

Vendor: Virgin
Year: 1986


Virgin 208 042 made in Germany.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG++. (small tear in cover after price tag)

Roger Waters uses his first (outside) film scoring gig to pen a 24 minute, one-act play for the UK indie film, When The Wind Blows.This is circa Radio KAOS, though, stylistically, it all seems like a throwback to his conceptual work with Pink Floyd. Not in the same league, of course, but many of the elements are there. “Towers Of Faith” segues from dreamy acoustic picking to harsh, stinging leads,improv vocal gymnastics, all wrapped in some vague concept about war, a favorite Waters’ theme. It’s my fault for not knowing the storyline, as I often let “concepts” lie when listening to certain albums. In Waters’ case, The Final Cut was the last time I even tried with his music. Still,this is a fine chance to study some of Waters’ more obscure sermonizing. “The Attack” is a pretty cool industrial-lite noise collage. http://www.roger-waters.com/


A01 - When The Wind Blows - David Bowie

Roger Waters And The Bleeding Heart Band:

B01 - The Russian Missile
B02 - Towers Of Faith
B03 - Hilda's Dream
B04 - The American Bomber
B05 - The Anderson Shelter
B06 - The British Submarine
B07 - The Attack
B08 - The Fallout
B09 - Hilda's Hair
B10 - Folded Flags

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When The Wind Blows - OST When The Wind Blows - OST