Walter Trout Band - Live In The Jungle

Vendor: Bozz Of Electra
Released: 1989


Bozz EL 5014 1 made in Scandivavia with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Albums that combine live and studio tracks can, in some cases, be inconsistent. Some artists are so reliant on studio technology that they fall apart in a live setting; they sound stiff and awkward the minute they take the stage. And on the other hand, some artists are so fond of playing live that they become inhibited in the studio. But there is nothing inconsistent or uneven about Walter Trout's debut album, Life in the Jungle, a collection of live and studio recordings from 1989; on this release, the blues-rocker is as focused and inspired on-stage as he is in the studio.


Good Enough To Eat              
The Mountain Song              
Life In The Jungle              
Red House              
She's Out There Somewhere              
Frederica (I Don't Need You)              
In My Mind              
Cold Cold Feeling              
Serve Me Right To Suffer

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Walter Trout Band - Live In The Jungle Walter Trout Band - Live In The Jungle