Waits, Tom - Alice

Vendor: Anti
Released: 2002


For a guy who operates in self-imposed exile from this business we call show -- going an eternity between albums, even longer between tours -- Tom Waits knows how to make an entrance. In the first line of "Poor Edward," a tall tale of satanic possession and suicide on Alice, one of his two new records, Waits devours the victim's name with Shakespearean relish, stretching it out in a malignant growl, like a burned-out coroner showing you the dead body with a tired sweep of his arm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Waits


1. 01-alice
2. 02-everything You Can Think
3. 03-flower's Grave
4. 04-no One Knows I'm Gone
5. 05-kommienezuspadt
6. 06-poor Edward
7. 07-table Top Joe
8. 08-lost In The Harbour
9. 09-we're All Mad Here
10. 10-watch Her Disappear
11. 11-reeperbahn
12. 12-i'm Still Here
13. 13-fish & Bird
14. 14barcarolle
15. 15-fawn

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Waits, Tom - Alice Waits, Tom - Alice