U Roy - Serious Matter Dub.

Vendor: Walboomers Records
Year: 2000


In a way, U-Roy has come full circle. The DJ started off interjecting his own comments between the vocal lines of classic songs in virtual duets, but quickly the original vocals all but disappeared. Now, however, they're back with a vengeance; in fact, every song within is credited as a duet, even one that's actually an instrumental! And so Serious Matter finds U-Roy returning to the sound system days of yore, singing along with the original vocals, playing off the lyrics, and sharing his utter delight about the tracks with the listener. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-Roy


99.95 dkr



1. Half Me Get Dub
2. Money Dub
3. Serious Matter Dub
4. Miss Till I Kiss Dub
5. Same Vibe Dub
6. Attention Dub
7. Know Yourself Dub
8. Bass Power Dub
9. Ska Version Dub
10. When Jah Come Dub

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U Roy - Serious Matter Dub. U Roy - Serious Matter Dub.