tv-2 - Slaraffenland

Vendor: Pladecompagniet
Released: 1991


PCLP 8030 made in Denmark with pic. inner sleeve and lyric sheet.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

tv·2 is a danish pop band from Aarhus that loves to travel around the country and perform under the slogan of being “The most boring band in Denmark”. With their record debut from 1981, it is also one of Denmark’s oldest and still-existing pop bands. In no small degree thanks to their lyrics, which are witty and have a thoroughly humorously ironic undertone they have achieved great and stable fame. tv·2 consist of Steffen Brandt (lead vocal, guitar, keyboard, principal songwriter), Georg Olesen (bass), Hans Erik Lerchenfeld (guitar) and Sven Gaul (drums).


1 Tal Til Mig 5:23
2 Alt Hvad Du Ønsker 3:58
3 Shit 3:48
4 Aldrig Gi Mig Chancen Igen 2:44
5 Mean Blues 4:35
6 Den Store Kærlighed 4:16
7 Sex Ka Osse Være Sjov 4:12
8 Kold Som Kiks 4:00
9 Tumpernes Park 3:46
10 Kedelig Historie 8:40

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tv-2 - Slaraffenland tv-2 - Slaraffenland