Thelma & Louise - OST.

Vendor: MCA
Year: 1991


MCA 10239 made in Germany.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

The soundtrack for Ridley Scott's feminist road parable contains just what you'd expect -- plenty of driving music. You can get the gist of Scott's message from Toni Child's "House of Hope" and Marianne Faithfull's electro-pop cover rendition of the hit "Ballad of Lucy Jordan," but you can find music to help you down those long stretches of road in Chris Whitley's "Kick the Stones" as well as covers by Martha Reeves (Van Morrison's "Wild Night"), Charlie Sexton (John Hiatt's "Tennessee Plates") and Kelly Willis (X's "Little Honey").



Part Of Me, Part Of you 

Performed By "Glenn Frey"

2. Badlands 

Performed By "Charlie Sexton"

3. House Of Hope 

Performed By "Toni Childs"

4. I Can't Untie You From Me 

Performed By "Grayson Hugh

5. Better Not Look Down 

Performed By "B.B. King"

6. Little Honey 

Performed By "Kelly Willis"

7. Kick The Sones 

Performed By "Chris Whitley"

8. Wild Night 

Performed By "Martha Reeves"

9. Tennessee Plates 

Performed By "Charlie Sexton"

10. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan 

Performed By "Marianne Faithfull"

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Thelma & Louise - OST. Thelma & Louise - OST.