White Album – Quiet Storm

Vendor: WB
Released: 20-09-14


“Three danish men with big hearts, big beards and big bellies playing alternative folk music with a hint of Nordic melancholy,” is how The White Album humbly describe themselves when asked, an example of the trio’s gentle humour and a perfect definition of the tender, reflective sounds that the group so masterfully create. A band born when three close friends decided that the time was nigh to join forces and create music together in Odense, southern Denmark, the trio can now be found inhabiting the country’s capital, the musical hub that is Copenhagen and continuing to embrace the artistic ties that have made this group such a special proposition since the beginning. 

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1 Another
2 Kings and Aces
3 Feed It to the Children
4 Baudelaire
5 Bent out of Shape
6 Guns and Ammunition
7 I Remember Well
8 Fall at Will
9 I Think We Have to Talk
10 Wax on Wax off
11 Jericho

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White Album – Quiet Storm White Album – Quiet Storm