Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl At The Moon

Vendor: Target
Released: 29-05-20


180 GRAM COLORED VINYL. (Pre-order, out 29-05-20)

“Straight outta…” Denmark comes this four-piece band that has built up a great live reputation with their guitar-driven rock’n’roll through 2 albums since 2007. Formed by Tobias Kippenberger, Simon Visti and Ace in the Spring of 2006. They are known to be one of Denmark’s most spectacular live acts. Their debut album, “All Juice No Fruit” was released in Denmark on October 15th 2007 by Tabu Rec./Playground, their second album was released in March 2010 on Target Records. http://www.thelava.dk/


1    Heads & Tails    4:34    
2    Harder Than You Think    4:01    
3    All Outta Love    4:57    
4    Leave Me Now (Leave Me Tomorrow)    3:49    
5    House Of Cards    5:20    
6    Some People    3:54    
7    Over The Top/Valley Of Darkness    3:36    
8    Ain't Half Bad    3:47    
9    The Bigger Picture    3:53    
10    Howl At The Moon (Wolf Cried Peter)    4:19    
11    Sailors, Cowboys & Indians    5:04


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Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl At The Moon Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl At The Moon