Tex, Joe - Bumps & Bruises

Vendor: Epic
Released: 1977


Epic PE 34666 made in USA. Vinyl VG. Cover VG.

For one shining moment, disco and funk came together to produce a last big hit for Joe Tex, who was more than worthy of it. Trivial next to his greatest material, but he loved that big fat woman at least as much as the one with the scrawny legs, and it shows through, which is all fans of the form will ask. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Tex


Ain't Gonna Bump No More     6:45     
Leaving You Dinner     3:21     
Be Cool (Willie Is Dancing With A Sissy)     5:29     
I Mess Up Everything I Get My Hands On     3:05     
We Held On     3:24     
I Almost Got To Heaven Once     3:54     
Hungry For Your Love     4:02     
Jump Bad     3:57     
There's Something Wrong     2:44

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Tex, Joe - Bumps & Bruises Tex, Joe - Bumps & Bruises