System Of A Down - Steal This Record.

Vendor: Columbia
Year: 2002


Columbia C2 87062 made in US in 2 x picture disc with lyric sheet. Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

System of a Down are an absurdist blast of political rage, silly theater and shattered math metal. Few bands are better equipped to release an odds-and-sods record such as Steal This Album!, because SOAD songs already seem like bits and pieces of different songs welded and held together through sheer force of will. The fact that they shred isn't as important as the oddly vulnerable noises they make when they (momentarily) cease said shredding.


1. Chic 'n' Stu
2. Innervision
3. Bubbles
4. Everytime
5. Nuguns
6. A.d.d.
7. Mr. Jack
8. Why
9. 09 - .36
10. On My Mind
11. Highway Song
12. Fuck The System
13. Ego Brain
14. Thetawaves
15. Roulette
16. Streamline

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€49.95 EUR
System Of A Down - Steal This Record. System Of A Down - Steal This Record.