Sweet - Strung Up

Vendor: RCA
Released: 1975


RCA LPL 2-5107-1 made in Germany in gatefold cover.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

By late 1975, the Sweet were no more the power in pop land that they had once seemed to be. It was nine months since they broke away from songwriters Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, with whom they'd enjoyed almost unfettered success -- since that time, only "Fox on the Run" had suggested that the Sweet's own songwriting prowess was even vaguely capable of competing with the masters, and two further singles ("Action" and "The Lies in Your Eyes") had emerged as the band's worst performing efforts since their very earliest days. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_%28band%29


Live Album     
Hellraiser     3:50     
Burning / Someone Else Will     5:30     
Rock'n'Roll Disgrace     4:15     
Need A Lot Of Lovin'     3:00     
Done Me Wrong Alright     8:08     
You're Not Wrong For Lovin' Me     3:28     
The Man With The Golden Arm     8:05       

Studio Album     
Action     3:35     
Fox On The Run     3:24     
Set Me Free     3:57     
Miss Demeanour     3:24     
Ballroom Blitz     4:00     
Burn On The Flame     3:35     
Solid Gold Brass     5:26     
The Six Teens     4:00     
I Wanna Be Committed     4:04     
Blockbuster     3:13

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Sweet - Strung Up Sweet - Strung Up