Summer, Donna - Bad Girls

Vendor: Casablanca
Country: Germany


Casablanca NB 7048 made in Germany in gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeves.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Largely regarded as Donna Summer's rock & roll album, thanks to some hot guitars mixed in with the synthesizers, 1979's BAD GIRLS mostly sounds like an indication of the way mainstream pop music would sound in the 1980s. It's hard to imagine Michael Jackson's THRILLER, David Bowie's LET'S DANCE or Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN without this punchy and enormously successful blend of dancefloor heat, rock & roll cool, and smart pop songwriting.


1. Hot Stuff
2. Bad Girls
3. Love Will Always Find You
4. Walk Away
5. Dim All The Lights
6. Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
7. One Night In A Lifetime
8. Can't Get To Sleep At Night
9. On My Honour
10. There Will Always Be A You
11. All Through The Night
12. My Baby Understands
13. Our Love
14. Lucky
15. Sunset People

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Summer, Donna - Bad Girls Summer, Donna - Bad Girls