Status Quo ‎– 1+9+8+2

Vendor: Vertigo
Country: Scandinavia


Vertigo, 6302 189 made in the Scandinavia with lyricinner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

It can be (and often is) argued that Status Quo entered the 1980s as little more than a parody of the l'il ol' boogie band from Butlins that once so-dominated the U.K. charts. "Rocking All Over the World," almost five-years-earlier, was the peak of their endeavors; everything since then was little more than a parody (at best), or a warmed-up revival (at most). 1+9+8+2 didn't alter that dour scenario.


A1 She Don't Fool Me
A2 Young Pretender
A3 Get Out And Walk
A4 Jealousy
A5 I Love Rock And Roll
B1 Resurrection
B2 Dear John
B3 Doesn't Matter
B4 I Want The World To Know
B5 I Should Have Known
B6 Big Man

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Status Quo ‎– 1+9+8+2 Status Quo ‎– 1+9+8+2