Spids Nøgenhat - De Sidste Her På Jorden

Vendor: Orpheus Records
Released: 2012


Recorded live at Roskilde Festival 2011

In 2001 SPIDS NOGENHAT recorded 'En Maerkelig Kop Te' and then split up to do other things. Aramis became Lorenzo Woodrose and started on a worldwide garagepsych crusade with Baby Woodrose. Aron made solorecords as Aron and played with Aron and the Blackbeacon Orkestra. Hobitten played in On Trial In 2008, they got together and went on a small tour of Denmark, spurred by the enthusiasm of the fans made by the album, that had become a bit of a sleeper hit. Beefed up they were by Moody and Fuzzy, the rhythm section of the first Baby Woodrose incarnation. https://www.facebook.com/spidsnogenhat


A1         Hobittens Flyvetur     4:40     
A2         Lil' Johnny´s Mund     6:44     
A3         Mandsang     10:35     
B1         Det Psykedeliske Tapet     6:58     
B2         Langebro     5:24     
B3         Ud På Landet     10:48

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Spids Nøgenhat - De Sidste Her På Jorden Spids Nøgenhat - De Sidste Her På Jorden