Specials - Live At The Moonlight Club

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Released: 2014


In May 1979, the day before the British general elections that saw Margaret Thatcher come to power, The Specials played a set at the Moonlight Club in Hampstead, London. Reportedly secretly recorded by Decca Records, who had an office next door, it made its way to the bootleggers and wasn't officially released until 1992, through Chrysalis Records. Includes live takes on such future Specials classics as "Do The Dog," "Nite Klub," "Too Much Too Young," "It's Up To You" and more. Now it's being reissued on 180g vinyl with original audio and a brand new cover image from the band.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Specials


1.  It's Up To You
2.  Do The Dog
3.  Monkey Man
4.  Blank Expressions
5.  Nite Klub
6.  Concrete Jungle
7.  Too Hot
8.  Too Much Too Young
9.  Little Bitch
10. Long Shot

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Specials - Live At The Moonlight Club Specials - Live At The Moonlight Club