Skov, Kira - Memories Of Days Gone By

Vendor: Strut Records
Released: 2011


Vocalist Kira Skov also fell under Billie’s spell: “I’ve been listening to Billie Holiday since my early teens. When I was around thirteen, I founda record in my local shopping center with that beautiful and magical portrait of Billie with the famous flower in her hair. She has been thesoundtrack to long periods of my life ever since.”Often, when we hear new versions of songs that Billie Holiday sang, we inadvertently compareThem with the original recordings. We can’t help ourselves. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Kira makes no attempt to sound like Billie Holiday. Kira sounds like Kira, and her personal and original interpretations bring these tunes from the 1930’s and 1940’s into the present. These songs have followed her, been important to her. Kira sings Them with feeling, atmosphere and a rare emotional depth.

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01 ? I’ll Be Seeing You
02 ? Good Morning Heartache
03 ? Am I Mad?
04 ? Four Women
05 ? Gloomy Sunday
06 ? You Let Me Down
07 ? God Bless the Child
08 ? Flower of the Evening
09 ? My Man
10 ? The Man I Love
11 ? All of Me
12 ? Don’t Explain 

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Skov, Kira - Memories Of Days Gone By Skov, Kira - Memories Of Days Gone By