Shu-bi-dua - Værste

Vendor: Polydor
Edition: Cover 1


Polydor 2444 037 made in Denmark.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Shu-bi-dua was formed in 1973, when frontmen Michael Bundesen and Michael Hardinger joined forces on a radio show. Their first album (dubbed Shu-bi-dua 1) came out in 1974, and they kept producing records more or less every year through out the 70s and 80s. The band has gone through lineup changes through the years - at one point Bundesen wasn’t a part of the band, and these days Hardinger is living in the USA. Shu-bi-dua is still an active live band, and they still produce a record once in a while. To date Shubidua’s discography is getting close to 30 albums. They have produced many hits in Denmark like Vuffeli-vov, Hvalborg, Står på en Alpetop, Stærk Tobak (to the music from The Beatles song Twist and Shout), Familien kom til Kaffe, Sex Chikane, We wanna be free, and many more.


Fed Rock     2:55
Generatorbouillon     3:45
Hva' Ka' Man Få For En Ti'er     2:40
Kylling Med Softice     1:20
Brutale Løg     2:05
Ingen Artikler Om Pladen I GO     2:35
Nylon Brando     2:20
Stærk Tobak     3:05
Min Baby Bor I Højhus     3:30
Står På En Alpetop     2:50
Karbad Baby     2:35
Livets Pølse     2:40
Lulu Rocken Går     2:35

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Shu-bi-dua - Værste Shu-bi-dua - Værste