Scaggs, Boz - Slow Dancer.

Vendor: Columbia
Year: 1974


Columbia KC 32760 made in USA with text inner sleeve. Vinyl EX. Cover VG+.

Featuring his would-be-soulman sound, Slow Dancer finds Boz Scaggs straddling the apparently fine line between Van Morrison and Isaac Hayes. While Silk Degrees is often touted as Scaggs' best '70s album -- based largely upon the chart success of "Lowdown" -- Slow Dancer features just as many catchy melodic tunes that meld a kind of boogie pub rock with an organic urban soul. Produced by Motown regular Johnny Bristol, Scaggs delivers some of his best performances on the Bristol-penned track "Pain of Love" and the Neil Young meets Marvin Gaye ballad "Sail on White Moon."


1. You Make It So Hard (to Say No)
2. Slow Dancer
3. Angel Lady (come Just In Time)
4. Ther Is Someone Else
5. Hercules
6. Pain Of Love
7. Sail On White Moon
8. Let It Happen
9. I Got Your Number
10. Take It For Granted

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Scaggs, Boz - Slow Dancer. Scaggs, Boz - Slow Dancer.