Sandmen - Den Bedste Dag

Vendor: Universal
Released: 2014


You could say that The Sandmen with “5 Minutes Past Loneliness” and “Do Not Let Me Down” has had some of the biggest Danish rock hits in recent history. You could also say that the band has been around for 25 years, who both at home and abroad has toured almost non-stop since their breakthrough with “Western Blood” from 1988 and that they have one of the best rock singers. But the most important thing about The Sandmen is not their history. For no one goes to a concert for something that once was. What is important is that they, here in 2014, sounds just as blood filled and juicy as a debut rock band, and that is the reason that The Sandmen is still playing to sold out houses when they tour.


1. Den Bedste Dag
2. Det Gyldne Øje
3. Hullerne I Himlen
4. Udkantsdreng
5. Nørreport
6. En Pose Støv
7.Se Dig Omkring
8. PPR
9. Alle Skyggerne

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Sandmen - Den Bedste Dag Sandmen - Den Bedste Dag