Ram Jam - Ram Jam

Vendor: Epic
Year: 1986


Epic 82215 made in Holland. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Although it was confusingly packaged in nearly identical artwork as Ram Jam's 1977 debut, this career-spanning release is otherwise hard to fault, since it crams all 20 songs from these oft-forgotten late-'70s hard rockers' two LPs onto one compact disc. True, some may accurately argue that Ram Jam's oeuvre was neither consistent, original, nor essential enough to warrant full preservation (no thanks to the studio-manufactured group's tainted reputation as career opportunists), but a shiny plastic disc's a shiny plastic disc -- you may as well get the maximum number of tracks for your buck. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ram_Jam


1. Black Betty 
2. Let It All out 
3. Keep Your Hands on the Wheel 
4. Right on the Money 
5. All for the Love of Rock 'n Roll 
6. 404 
7. High Steppin' 
8. Overloaded 
9. Hey Boogie Woman 
10. Too Bad on Your Birthday

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€9.95 EUR
Ram Jam - Ram Jam Ram Jam - Ram Jam