Quiet Riot - Metal Health

Vendor: Epic
Released: 1983


Epic EPC 25322 made in Holland with picture inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover EX.

Quiet Riot seemingly came out of nowhere in 1983, racing up the singles charts with their over-the-top cover of Slade's "Cum On Feel the Noize" and crashing the Billboard album chart's number one spot with their multi-million-selling Metal Health LP -- the first heavy metal record to ever do so. Prior to their "overnight success," QR had been toiling in relative obscurity for years, so that by the time they finally turned the corner, Metal Health's meteoric success must have surprised the band even more than it did their critics and newfound fans. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quiet_Riot


Metal Health     5:16          
Cum On Feel The Noize     4:50          
Don't Wanna Let You Go     4:42          
Slick Black Cadillac     4:12          
Love's A Bitch     4:11          
Breathless     3:51          
Run For Cover     3:38          
Battle Axe     1:38          
Let's Get Crazy     4:08          
Thunderbird     4:43   

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Quiet Riot - Metal Health Quiet Riot - Metal Health