Pop, Iggy - Zombie Birdhouse

Vendor: Chrysalis
Country: Germany


Chrysalis CHR 1399 made in Sweden.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG+.

With the help of Chris Stein (Blondie), Iggy Pop attempts a self-consciously eclectic musical exploration with Zombie Birdhouse. By and large, the attempts are admirable, as Iggy turns in a set of songs that range from social commentary and urban folk to bizarre poetry and philosophical ruminations. Instead of singing, Iggy alterantely raps and sings over sonic backdrops that have touches of hard rock, folk, and electronic music. It's an ambitious effort that never quite works and keeps listeners at a distance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iggy_Pop


side 1
1 Run Like A Villain
2 The Villagers
3 Angry Hills
4 Life Of Work
5 The Ballad Of Cookie McBride
6 Ordinary Bummer

side 2
1 Eat Or Be Eaten
2 Bulldozer
3 Platonic
4 The Horse Song
5 Watching The News
6 Street Crazies

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Pop, Iggy - Zombie Birdhouse Pop, Iggy - Zombie Birdhouse