Parsons, Gram - Grievous Angel

Vendor: Rhino
Release: 1974



Grievous Angel has been called one of the best harmony records of its era. Actually, it’s one of the best of all-time. Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris’ voices seamlessly match in a wedding of deep emotion, graceful beauty, and soulful communion. Behind it all, Parsons and an all-star band achieve their collective desire to unite roots country with the rejuvenated social consciousness present in late 60s rock. That it constitutes Parsons’ swan song adds another layer of depth to its tremendous importance.
Most famously known for the inclusion of the definitive version of “Love Hurts,” Grievous Angel is widely considered Parsons’ most cohesive and consistent work. While it only features two new Parsons compositions, the record works as a synthesis of time, place, spirit, and kindred togetherness. The album bridges seemingly opposed styles and concepts, channeling a laidback spirituality that owes to songs gleaned from the past and present, memories lamented and cherished.


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1. Return of the Grievous Angel
2. Hearts on Fire
3. I Can't Dance
4. Brass Buttons
5. $1000 Wedding
6. Medley Live from Northern Quebec: Cash on the Barrelhead / Hickory Wind
7. Love Hurts
8. Ooh Las Vegas
9. In My Hour of Darkness

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Parsons, Gram - Grievous Angel Parsons, Gram - Grievous Angel