Paris, Texas - OST

Vendor: WB
Country: EEC


WB 925 270-1 made in EEC.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Ry Cooder is one of the great American film composers of his generation. The guitarist's work is always distinctive and insightful, and his score to Wim Wender's acclaimed PARIS, TEXAS is one of his finest. Here Cooder's music adds greatly to the movie by perfectly complementing the spare, gorgeous cinematography on the screen. All 10 tracks on this soundtrack are beautiful yet eerie, capturing the lonely scenario of wandering lost through small Texas towns and along desert highways. 


1. Paris, Texas 2:56
2. Brothers 2:06
3. Nothing Out There 1:30
4. Cancion Mixteca 4:17
5. No Safety Zone
6. Houston In Two Seconds 2:00
7. She's Leaving The Back 5:56
8. On The Couch 1:28
9. I Knew These People 8:38
10. Dark Was The Night 2:50

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Paris, Texas - OST Paris, Texas - OST