Mr. President - Hips Shaking

Vendor: Favorite
Released: 12-05-14.


Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart is clearly a name to remember when it comes to modern groove music! Bassist and guitarist in various band, he started production in the mid- 90s and continues today to combine modern technology with the raw and genuine spirit of the golden age of Disco, Funk, Soul, or Jazz. Following the success of his many projects such as Uptown Funk Empire, The Dynamics, Metropolitan Jazz Affair, or more recently Patchworks Galactic Project, he proved album after album, a true gift of musical ubiquity, renewing in all genres and always anxious to borrow unexpected ways.


1 – Gimme All What You Got    
2 – Hips Shaking    
3 – Candyman    
4 – City Rocking    
5 – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)    
6 – Shitty Lines    
7 – I Get So Crazy    
8 – Hips (Reprise)    
9 – South Street Walk

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Mr. President - Hips Shaking Mr. President - Hips Shaking