Mötley Crüe ‎– Decade Of Decadence '81-'91

Vendor: Elektra
Released: 1991


7559-61204-1 made in Germany. With original innersleeve.


Vinyl NM. Cover VG++.

Elektra Entertainment drew on the five albums Mötley Crüe had recorded in the 1980s and threw in a few new songs as well when assembling the best-of collection Decade of Decadence. The title couldn't be more appropriate -- whether the subject matter is strippers ("Girls, Girls, Girls") or the occult ("Shout at the Devil"), Crüe delights in some of rock's sleaziest decadence since Kiss and Sweet. Die-hard aficionados will already be more than familiar with such headbanger classics as "Looks That Kill," "Wild Side," and "Piece of Your Action," but for those new to the band's metal and hard rock, the album isn't a bad introduction at all. The previously unreleased material includes a live version of "Kickstart My Heart" and an ironic cover of the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K." In the '70s, the punk and metal audiences were hardly the best of friends; but in the '80s, it became downright fashionable for headbangers to embrace punk.



A1 Live Wire (Kick Ass '91 Remix) 3:15
A2 Piece Of Your Action (Screamin' '91 Remix) 4:38
A3 Shout At The Devil 3:13
A4 Looks That Kill 4:07
B1 Home Sweet Home ('91 Remix) 4:00
B2 Smokin' In The Boys Room 3:26
B3 Girls, Girls, Girls 4:28
B4 Wild Side 4:39
C1 Dr. Feelgood 4:46
C2 Kickstart My Heart (Live In Dallas, Texas) 4:57
C3 Teaser 5:15
D1 Rock N' Roll Junkie 4:01
D2 Primal Scream (New Track) 4:44
D3 Angela (New Track) 3:52
D4 Anarchy In The U.K. (New Track) 3:

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Mötley Crüe ‎– Decade Of Decadence '81-'91 Mötley Crüe ‎– Decade Of Decadence '81-'91