Midnight Oil - Earth And Sun And Moon

Vendor: Columbia
Released: 1993


Columbia 473605 made in Austria with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

If Earth and Sun and Moon isn't Midnight Oil's best effort, it's certainly close. The band still sticks to themes that are close to its heart -- the environment, native peoples, and other social causes -- but rarely has it managed to fashion an album full of songs that are as musically intoxicating as on this 1993 release. "My Country" is full of jangling guitars and keyboards; the punchy title track has an infectious singalong harmony; and "Bushfire" adds some mean wah-wah guitar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_Oil


Feeding Frenzy     5:08          
My Country     4:51          
Renaissance Man     4:41          
Earth And Sun And Moon     4:33          
Truganini     5:11          
Bushfire     4:36          
Drums Of Heaven     5:31          
Outbreak Of Love     5:14          
In The Valley     4:41          
Tell Me The Truth     4:06          
Now Or Never Land     5:22    

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Midnight Oil - Earth And Sun And Moon Midnight Oil - Earth And Sun And Moon