Lord of The Rings: The Complete Recordings

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Released: 06-04-18



vinyl release of the Complete Recordings of The Fellowship of the Ring will comprise 5 LPs on 180 gm red vinyl packaged in a gorgeous boxed set which includes Doug Adams‘ liner notes that accompanied the original Complete Recordings’ CD+DVD set back in 2005. And for fans who have been deprived of getting their own copies of the Complete Recordings on disc due to their being long out of production.

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LP 1
Side A
01. Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All
02. The Shire
03. Bag End
04. Very Old Friends
05. Flaming Red hair

Side B
01. Farewell Dear Bilbo
02. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
03. A Conspiracy Unmasked
04. Three Is Company

LP 2
Side C
01. The Passing Of The Elves
02. Saruman the White
03. A Shortcut to Mushrooms
04. Strider
05. The Nazgûl

Side D
01. Weathertop
02. The Caverns of Isengard
03. Give Up the Halfling
04. Orthanc
05. Rivendell
06. The Sword That Was Broken

LP 3
Side E
01. The Council of Elrond Assembles Featuring “Aníron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)” Composed & performed by Enya
02. The Great Eye
03. Gilraen’s Memorial
04. The Pass of Caradhras

Side F
01. The Doors of Durin
02. Moria
03. Gollum
04. Balin’s Tomb

LP 4
Side G
01. Khazad-dûm
02. Caras Galadhon Featuring “Lament for Gandalf” performed by Elizabeth Fraser

Side H
01. The Mirror of Galadriel
02. The Fighting Uruk-hai

LP 5
Side I
01. Parth Galen
02. The Departure of Boromir

Side J
01. The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 1
02. May It Be Composed & performed by Enya
03. The Road Goes Ever On… Pt. 2 Featuring “In Dreams” performed by Edward Ross


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Lord of The Rings: The Complete Recordings Lord of The Rings: The Complete Recordings