Lerche, Sondre & Kato Adl - Sleepwalker - OST

Vendor: Mona
Released: 2014


Sondre Lerche and Kato Adland wrote and perform the soundtrack to the film, The Sleepwalker, which was co-written and directed by Lerche’s wife, Mona Fastvold. The film, centered around a young couple renovating a secluded family estate, whose lives are violently interrupted when unexpected guests arrive, is set to screen at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2014. The soundtrack is beautiful and at times haunting. It is mostly instrumental, but five of the sixteen tracks contain vocals, including “You Sure Look Swell” (vocals by Sondre Lerche) and “Lord I Want to Be a Christian” (vocals by Sylvie Lewis). This album is available on 180 gram double vinyl and digital download only. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sondre_Lerche


1.  You Sure Look Swell - Sondre Lerche (vocals) 
2.  The Barn 
3.  Car On The Hill 
4.  Lord I Want To Be A Christian - Sylvie Lewis (vocals) 
5.  Sleepwalking #1 
6.  Rituals 
7.  The Lake #1 
8.  Palindromes - Sondre Lerche (vocals) 
9.  Suffocation 
10. After Youve Gone - Nathalie Nordnes (vocals) 
11. Masturbation 
12. Sleepwalking #2 
13. The Lake #2 
14. The Search 
15. Fathers Closet 
16. Take Everything Back - Marit Larsen & Sylvie Lewis (vocals)

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Lerche, Sondre & Kato Adl - Sleepwalker - OST Lerche, Sondre & Kato Adl - Sleepwalker - OST