Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse

Vendor: 1972
Release: 2003

NEW VINYL LP ON 1972 2020

2 x 180 GRAM VINYL

While making Margerine Eclipse, Stereolab encountered more than their fair share of hardships and heartbreak. Just before the band started the album's sessions, keyboardist/vocalist Mary Hansen died at just 36 when the bicycle she was riding was hit by a truck in December 2002. Despite their loss, Stereolab decided to continue recording at the new studio they were building in the Médoc region of France but had difficulties completing its construction. It's something of a miracle, then, that Margerine Eclipse not only exists but is some of the most joyful music of Stereolab's latter-day career.

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Vonal Declosion     3:34
Need To Be     4:50
"...Sudden Stars"     4:41
Cosmic Country Noir     4:47
La Demeure     4:36
Margerine Rock     2:56
The Man With 100 Cells     3:47
Margerine Melodie     6:19
Hillbilly Motobike     2:23
Feel And Triple     4:53
Bop Scotch     3:59
Dear Marge     6:56



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Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse