Earle, Steve & the Dukes - J.T.

Vendor: New West Records
Release: 19-03-21


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 19-03-21)

On the forthcoming album, J. T., Steve Earle & The Dukes pay tribute to Steve's late son, Justin Townes Earle (J. T.), who passed away on August 20, 2020 in Nashville. The album will be released digitally on what would have been Justin's 39th birthday, January 4, 2021, via New West Records. J. T. finds Steve Earle & The Dukes covering 10 of Justin's songs - from "I Don't Care," which appeared on his 2007 debut EP, Yuma, and a trio of selections from his full-length debut album, The Good Life ("Ain't Glad I'm Leaving," "Far Away In Another Town" and "Lone Pine Hill") to later compositions like 2017's "Champagne Corolla" and 2019's "The Saint Of Lost Causes," which was the title track of Justin's eighth and final studio album. J. T. closes with "Last Words," a song Steve wrote for Justin. 100% of the artist advances and royalties from J. T. will be donated to a trust for Etta St. James Earle, the three-yearold daughter of Justin and Jenn Earle.


I Don't Care
Ain't Glad I'm Leaving
Far Away in Another Town
They Killed John Henry
Turn out My Lights
Lone Pine Hill
Champagne Corolla
The Saint of Lost Causes
Harlem River Blues
Last Words




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Earle, Steve & the Dukes - J.T. Earle, Steve & the Dukes - J.T.