Kinks ‎– Muswell Hillbillies

Vendor: RCA Victor
Country: UK


RCA Victor SF8243 made in the UK in gatefold cover. 

Vinyl NN. Cover VG+.

How did the Kinks respond to the fresh start afforded by Lola? By delivering a skewed, distinctly British, cabaret take on Americana, all pinned down by Ray Davies' loose autobiography and intense yearning to be anywhere else but here -- or, as he says on the opening track, "I'm a 20th century man, but I don't want to be here." Unlike its predecessors, Muswell Hillbillies doesn't overtly seem like a concept album -- there are no stories as there are on Lola -- but each song undoubtedly shares a similar theme, namely the lives of the working class.


A1 20th Century Man
A2 Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
A3 Holiday
A4 Skin And Bone
A5 Alcohol
A6 Complicated Life
B1 Here Come The People In Grey
B2 Have A Cuppa Tea
B3 Holloway Jail
B4 Oklahoma U.S.A.
B5 Uncle Son
B6 Muswell Hillbilly

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Kinks ‎– Muswell Hillbillies Kinks ‎– Muswell Hillbillies