Kinks - Low Budget

Vendor: Arista
Country: Holland


Arista 201 146 made in Holland.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG.

Low Budget doesn't have a narrative like Preservation or Soap Opera, but Ray Davies cleverly designed the album as a sly satire of the recession and oil crisis that gripped America in the late '70s -- thereby satisfying his need to be a wry social commentator while giving American audiences a hook to identify with. It was a clever move that worked; not only did Low Budget become their highest-charting American album (not counting the 1966 Greatest Hits compilation), but it was also a fine set of arena rock, one of the better mainstream hard rock albums of its time.


Attitude     3:47          
Catch Me Now I'm Falling     3:53          
Pressure     2:45          
National Health     4:02          
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman     3:35          
Low Budget     3:46          
In A Space     3:43          
Little Bit Of Emotion     4:50          
A Gallon Of Gas     2:41          
Misery     2:57          
Moving Pictures     3:33    

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Kinks - Low Budget Kinks - Low Budget