Jones, Rickie Lee - Rickie Lee Jones

Vendor: Rara/2hand
Country: Germany


WB K 56 628 made in Germany.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

With her expressive soprano voice employing sudden alterations of volume and force, and her lyrical focus on Los Angeles street life, Rickie Lee Jones comes on like the love child of Laura Nyro and Tom Waits on her self-titled debut album. Given the population of colorful characters who may or may not be real people that populate her songs -- Chuck E., Bragger, Kid Sinister, and others -- she also might have had Bruce Springsteen in her bloodline (that is, the Springsteen of his first two albums), and her jazzbo sensibility suggests Mose Allison as a grandfather.


1. Chuck E's In Love
2. On Saturday Afternoons in 1963
3. Night Train
4. Young Blood
5. Easy Money
6. The Last Chance Texaco
7. Danny's All-Star Joint
8. Coolsville
9. Weasel The The White Boys Cool
10. Company
11. After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Goodnight)

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Jones, Rickie Lee - Rickie Lee Jones Jones, Rickie Lee - Rickie Lee Jones