Højholt, Per ‎– Gittes Sidste Monologer

Vendor: Olga Productions
Released: 1983


Olga Production, OLGA 83003 made in Denmark. 

Vinyl NM Cover EX.

Per Højholt (1928-2004) was a Danish poet who has been very influential in Danish literature and poetry readings. His readings range from folksy-humorous over classic to experimental, and draw inspiration from various musicians such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Jimi Hendrix. He has compared the elaborate, seemingly messy rhythm of the sentences in his Gittes monologer to improvisations in jazz music, and his readings were sometimes accompanied by loud noise inspired by Hendrix's intense sound. In 2001, the readings from his album Turbo were remixed by a variety of artists for the tribute album called tilbage til TURBO.

https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Per_Højholt (Link in danish)


A1 Tartelettern' 6:10
A2 Gittes Monolog Om Solidaritet 3:35
A3 Gittes Monolog Til Det Danske Akademi 6:00
A4 Gittes Monolog Om Vensrtefløjen 9:16
B1 Gittes Monolog Om Biblioteker 6:17
B2 Gittes Monolog Om Strøget 3:21
B3 Gittes Monolog Om Den Lille Havfrue 1:05
B4 Gittes Monolog Om Christiansborg 1:29
B5 Gittes Monolog Om Nationalbanken 2:42
B6 Gittes Monolog Om Bogklubber 2:47

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Højholt, Per ‎– Gittes Sidste Monologer Højholt, Per ‎– Gittes Sidste Monologer