Gorky Park - Gorky Park

Vendor: Vertigo
Country: EEC


Vertigo 838 628 made in EEC.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Despite being quite similar to most of the hair metal releases of the late '80s, Gorky Park's debut album is a solid freshman outing. The lead track "Bang" with its mix of Russian and English lyrics gave the band its first hit. The album also contains a collaboration with Bon Jovi, "Peace I Our Time," a ballad about the end of the cold war. The strangest tune is a cover of the Who's "My Generation" that when sung in the hair metal style appears to be a bit of a hack cover, until the band breaks into a Russian chorus giving the song a decent yet somewhat weird update. Despite the presence of some run-of-the-mill hair metal filler, this album holds up rather well. But with changing musical tastes in the early '90s this was to be band's only popular U.S. release. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorky_Park_%28band%29


A1. Bang [04:50]
A2. Try To Find Me [05:12]
A3. Hit Me With The News [03:55]
A4. Sometimes At Night [05:10]
A5. Peace In Our Time [06:01]
B1. My Generation [04:46]
B2. Within Your Eyes [04:58]
B3. Child Of The Wind [05:26]
B4. Fortress [04:09]
B5. Danger [03:32]

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Gorky Park - Gorky Park Gorky Park - Gorky Park