Godfather Part III - OST

Vendor: Columbia
Released: 1990


Columbia 4678131 made in Holland.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Godfather Part III Soundtrack CD music Nino Rota's original Godfather motif is the most distinctive part of the score, but Carmine Coppola effectively weaves it in to his own music. Godfather Part III Soundtrack music CDs Harry Connick Jr. performs the film's love theme, "Promise Me You'll Remember. 


1. Main Title
2. I Have But One Heart
3. The Pickup
4. Connie's Wedding
5. The Halls Of Fear
6. Sicilian Pastorale
7. Love Theme From The Godfather
8. The Godfather Waltz
9. Apollonia
10. The New Godfather
11. The Baptism
12. The Godfather Finale
13. Main Title
14. The Godfather Waltz
15. Marcia Religioso
16. Michael's Letter
17. The Immigrant-love Therme From Part Iii
18. The Godfather Waltz
19. To Each His Own
20. Vincent's Theme
21. Altobello
22. The Godfather Intermezzo
23. Sicilian Medley: Va Pensiero/mazurka (alla Siciliana)-danza Tarantella
24. Promise Me You'll Remember - Love Theme From Part Iii
25. Preludio And Siciliana
26. Casa Amiche
27. Coda - The Godfather Finale

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Godfather Part III - OST Godfather Part III - OST