Get Carter - OST

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Released: 1971



Get Carter, the classic 1971 British gangster film, starred Michael Caine in a career-defining role as a London gangster out for revenge. Directed by Mike Hodges' and set in the derelict urban scenery of Newcastle, the film is offset by a classy, cool and slightly edgy jazz soundtrack which brilliantly evokes the movie's gritty imagery. The iconic soundtrack, recorded on a tiny budget, was written by the jazz prodigy Roy Budd and is performed by Budd and the two jazz musicians Jeff Clyne and Chris Karan, both of whom were part of the Dudley Moore Trio. Pianist Budd, drummer Karan (also on evocative tabla,) and bassist Clyne (with guitarists Brian Daly and Judd Proctor) carry the emotional weight of the soundtrack flawlessly, inspiring a number of covers and tributes along the way.

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1.  Get Carter Intro
2.  Dialogue "Is there a Mr. Carter in the room?
3.  Main Theme - Carter Takes A Train 
4.  Dialogue "Do you know a man called Albert Swift?" 
5.  Looking For Someone 
6.  Dialogue - The Race Track 
7.  Something On My Mind 
8.  Dialogue "Who killed Frank?" 
9.  Getting Nowhere In A Hurry 
10. Dialogue "Tell me about the girl" 
11. The Girl In The Car 
12. Dialogue "I fancy you" 
13. Love Is A Four Letter Word 
14. Dialogue "You're lucky. They kill as well" 
15. Livin' Should Be This Way
16. Dialogue "All it takes is one call to the police" 
17. Manhunt 
18. Dialogue "Drink up: Eric" 
19. Goodbye Eric! 
20. Dialogue "I want you to listen very carefully" 
21. Hallucinations 
22. Dialogue "You're a big man but you're in bad shape" 
23. Plaything 
24. Dialogue "Stay away from the car or I'll blow you apart" 
25. Goodbye Carter! 
26. Dialogue "Talk or I'll kill you" 
27. Hallucinations Instrumental 
28. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry Instrumental

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Get Carter - OST Get Carter - OST