Faith No More - Angel Dust

Vendor: LondonRecords
Released: 1992


London 828 321-1 made in Holland with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Warner Bros. figured that lightning could strike twice at a time when oodles of (most horribly bad) funk-metal acts were following in Faith No More's and Red Hot Chili Peppers' footsteps. In response, the former recorded and released the bizarro masterpiece Angel Dust. Mike Patton's work in Mr. Bungle proved just how strange and inspired he could get given the opportunity; now, in his more famous act, nothing was ignored. "Land of Sunshine" starts things off in a vein similar to The Real Thing, but Patton's vocal role-playing is smarter and more accomplished, with the lyrics trashing a smug bastard with pure inspired mockery.


1. Land Of Sunshine
2. Caffeine
3. Midlife Crisis
4. R.V.
5. Everything's Ruined
6. Malpractice
7. Kindergarten
8. Be Aggressive
9. A Small Victory
10. Jizzlobber
11. Smaller And Smaller

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Faith No More - Angel Dust Faith No More - Angel Dust