Empire Of The Sun - OST

Vendor: WB
Released: 1987


WB 1-25668 made in USA.

Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Quick, who's the one person who has been nominated for an Oscar more often than anyone else in any category? That would be composer John Williams, nominated over 40 times for his original film scores and orchestrations. He received his first Oscar nomination in 1969 for the score to Valley of the Dolls, and since then he has become the most recognized film composer in history, not just because of his scores, but also because he has successfully followed in Arthur Fiedler's footsteps as conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra.


Suo Gan     2:19     
Cadillac Of The Skies     3:48     
Jim's New Life     2:33     
Lost In The Crowd     5:39     
Imaginary Air Battle     2:35     
The Return To The City     7:45     
Liberation: Exultate Justi     1:46     
The British Grenadiers     2:25     
Toy Planes, Home And Hearth     4:37     
The Streets Of Shanghai     5:11     
The Pheasant Hunt     4:24     
No Road Home / Seeing The Bomb     6:10     
Exultate Justi     4:59

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Empire Of The Sun - OST Empire Of The Sun - OST