Emerson Lake & Palmer - Emerson Lake & Palmer

Vendor: Manticore
Country: UK


Manticore K 43503 made in UK.

Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer were progressive rock's first supergroup. Greeted by the rock press and the public as something akin to conquering heroes, they succeeded in broadening the audience for progressive rock from hundreds of thousands into tens of millions of listeners, creating a major radio phenomenon as well. Their flamboyance on record and in the studio echoed the best work of the heavy metal bands of the era, proving that classical rockers could compete for that arena-scale audience. Over and above their own commercial success, the trio also paved the way for the success of such bands as Yes, who would become their chief rivals for much of the 1970s. www.emersonlakepalmer.com/


Side One:

  1. The Barbarian
  2. Take  a Pebble
  3. Knife Edge

Side Two:

  1. The Three Fates: (i) Clotho (ii) Lachesis (iii) Atropos
  2. Tank
  3. Lucky Man

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Emerson Lake & Palmer - Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer - Emerson Lake & Palmer