Doobie Brothers - Takin' It The Streets

Vendor: WB
Released: Germany


WB K 56 196 made in Germany in gatefold cover.

Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

The group's first album with Michael McDonald marked a shift to a more mellow and self-consciously soulful sound for the Doobies, not all that different from what happened to Steely Dan -- whence McDonald (and Jeff Baxter) had come -- between, say, Can't Buy a Thrill and Pretzel Logic. They showed an ability to expand on the lyricism of Patrick Simmons and Baxter's writing on "Wheels of Fortune," while the title track introduced McDonald's white funk sound cold to their output, successfully.


1. Wheels Of Fortune
2. Takin' It To The Streets
3. 8th Avenue Shuffle
4. Losin' End
5. Rio
6. For Someone Special
7. It Keeps You Runnin'
8. Turn It Loose
9. Carry Me Away

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Doobie Brothers - Takin' It The Streets Doobie Brothers - Takin' It The Streets