Dollars - OST

Vendor: Wea
Released: 1971


This soundtrack features a number of songs composed and conducted by Quincy Jones for the film Dollars. Jones works with well-known vocalists Little Richard and Roberta Flack, which may interest some listeners. But, ultimately, it's Jones' compositions that carry the most weight on this soundtrack and surely the reason to give this soundtrack a listen. It's not worth going out of your way to get, though. Jones released a lot of phenomenal music in his time, and though this is impressive, it's one of his less interesting projects. It'll be best enjoyed by fanatics and completists.

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1. Money Is - Little Richard 

2. Snow Creatures 

3. Ribber Ducky 

4. Redeye Runnin' Train - Doug Kershaw 

5. Shady Lady 

6. Monney Runner 

7. When You're Smiling - Robert Flack 

8. Do It - To It - Little Richard 

9. Candy Man 

10. Passin' The Buck 

11. Kitty With The Bent Frame 

12. Brook's 50 Cent Tour (Main Title Collage

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Dollars - OST Dollars - OST