Dissing & Thorup - Gamle Sange I Live....

Vendor: Abra Cadabra
Released: 1979


Abra Cadabra ABC 2009 made in Denmark in gatefold cover.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Povl Dissing is a renowned Danish singer born 27th January 1938 - with a recording career spanning five decades - his breakthrough into a public consciousness in Denmark came in the midsixties, with a couple of unique takes on some classic folk ballads that had the audience bewildered and polarised. In the late sixties and early seventies he played an important - if short - part on the danish “beat scene” (ie rock, blues and progressive rock) - releasing his eponymous rock debut in 1969 - a psychedelic folkrock album in danish - and recording with Beefeaters and Burnin' Red Ivanhoe. www.povldissing.dk/www.povldissing.dk/Velkommen.html


Spillemanden     3:28
Røveren     3:45
Alperosen     4:50
Du Lille Svale     2:36
25 Minutter Endnu     5:10
Don't Sell Daddy     2:05
Ta' Fri     2:47
Tingel Tangelmanden     2:14
Sangeren     2:36
Nøgne Øjne     4:07
Crying Time     3:28
Forårssang     3:27
Jeg Gør Dig Rig Igen     5:00
Anemonesmil     3:07
Godt Nyt Idag     4:16
Snehvidekys     3:54
Don't Change     5:02
16 Tons     3:53
Love Me Tomorrow     4:50
Dumme Gigolo     1:20
Circle     5:05


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Dissing & Thorup - Gamle Sange I Live.... Dissing & Thorup - Gamle Sange I Live....