Deep Purple - Stormbringer

Vendor: Purple Records
Country: Denamrk


Purple TPS 3508 made in Denmark.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG.

Stormbringer falls short of the excellence of Machine Head and Who Do We Think We Are, but nonetheless boasts some definite classics -- including the fiery "Lady Double Dealer," the ominous title song (a goth metal treasure), the sweaty "High Ball Shooter," and the melancholy ballad "Soldier of Fortune." Most of the other songs on the decent, if uneven, Stormbringer (which Metal Blade reissued on CD in the early '90s) are not essential.


Stormbringer     4:03          
Love Don't Mean A Thing     4:23          
Holy Man     4:28          
Hold On     5:05          
Lady Double Dealer     3:19          
You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)     3:24          
High Ball Shooter     4:26          
The Gypsy     4:13          
Soldier Of Fortune     3:14       

2009 edition

A1     Stormbringer     4:06
A2     Love Don't Mean A Thing     4:23
A3     Holy Man     4:30
A4     Hold On     5:06
B1     Lady Double Dealer     3:21
B2     You Can't Do It Right     3:23
B3     Highball Shooter     4:24
B4     The Gypsy     4:10
B5     Soldier Of Fortune     3:15
C1     Holy Man (Remix)     4:32
C2     You Can't Do It Right (Remix)     3:27
C3     Love Don't Mean A Thing (Remix)     5:07
C4     Hold On (Remix)     5:11
D1     High Ball Shooter (Instrumental)     4:30
D2     High Ball Shooter (Quad Mix)     4:27
D3     You Can't Do It Right (Quad Mix)     3:28
D4     Soldier Of Fortune (Quad Mix)     3:21

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Deep Purple - Stormbringer Deep Purple - Stormbringer