Deep Purple - Machine Head

Vendor: Purple Records
Country: Denmark


Purple TPSA 7504 made in Denmark gatefold and lyric poster.

Vinyl VG. Cover VG+.

A probable contender for one of hard rock's "all-time most influential albums," Deep Purple's MACHINE HEAD has all the markings of a heavy classic. It was here that the band's combination of amped-up blues, progressive instrumental prowess, screaming guitars, and thunderous rhythms was crystallized for the ages, helping to lay the foundation for hard rock and heavy metal throughout the '70s, '80s, and '90s. The lone presence of "Smoke on the Water" immediately elevates the album to essential status. The song became a long-running radio staple, and boasts one of the most instantly recognizable guitar riffs in rock history.


  • A1)   Highway Star
  • A2)   Maybe I'm A Leo
  • A3)   Pictures Of Home
  • A4)   Never Before
  • B1)   Smoke On The Water
  • B2)   Lazy
  • B3)   Space Truckin'











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Deep Purple - Machine Head Deep Purple - Machine Head