Deeds Of Flesh - Path Of The Weakening

Vendor: Displeased Records
Year: 1999


Displeased Records D 00092 made in Holland. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

DEEDS OF FLESH camp alongside with new rhythm guitarist Jim Tkacz formerly of VILE who adds reinforcement to the brutal trademark sound the band is known for. Songs like “Indigenous To The Appalling (Mutinous Human)”, “Lustmord” and“Execute The Anthropophagi” are some of the tracks that stand out on this album, while the last song, “A Violent God”, is a very surprising track where one riff is repeated over and over at mid-pace but the vocals are warped, yet slow, which gives it a very daunting feel to it. With nine new tracks, the use of harmonies and diverse songwriting make this a huge advantage to theDEEDS OF FLESH sound that surpasses their previous albums to date.


Side One:
1. Indigenous to the Appalling [Mutinous Human]
2. Lustmord
3. Path of the Weakening
4. Summarily Killed

Side Two:
5. Sounds of Loud Reigns
6. Execute the Anthropophagi
7. I Die on My Own Terms
8. Sense of the Diabolic
9. A Violent God

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Deeds Of Flesh - Path Of The Weakening Deeds Of Flesh - Path Of The Weakening