XTC - Black Sea

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Released: 1980


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 13-09-19)

The switch to “Black Sea” was made only to allay the then band manager’s sensitivity to the title being interpreted as a criticism of his management style. More Power Rock than Power Pop, when released in Sept. 1980, the album became XTC’s first Top 20 chart album in the UK, narrowly missed the Top 40 (No.41) in the
USA where it was issued in November, but spent an impressive 24 weeks on the Billboard chart nonetheless. Generals And Majors & Towers Of London provided twin back to back Top 40 UK singles released either side of the album in a tight eight weeks’ release space in September & October, while Sgt. Rock propelled the band back into the UK top 20 in January 1981. The sense of immediacy, the
rush of a band fully living up to its potential is as apparent now as it
was when the album first came out. One of the best engineered & produced albums of the era, now restored to its vinyl origins, newly cut at Loud Mastering by Jason
Mitchell & pressed on 200gram vinyl to satisfy the most demanding of audiophiles.

159,95 dkr


1. Respectable Street
2. Generals And Majors
3. Living Through Another Cuba
4. Love At First Sight
5. Rocket From A Bottle
6. No Language In Our Lungs
7. Towers Of London
8. Paper And Iron (notes And Coins)
9. Burning With Optimism's Flames
10. Sgt. Rock (is Going To Help Me)
11. Travels In Nihilon

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XTC - Black Sea XTC - Black Sea