System Of A Down - Mezmerize

Vendor: Sony
Released: 2005


180 GRAM VINYL. (Pre-order, out 12-10-18)

Adjectives like "ambitious," "jagged," and "startling" have always defined System of a Down, and their third official full-length is no different. Prerelease, the band described Mezmerize as being the first part -- the first side -- of what's essentially a double album. The records' packaging would even slot together, making the eventual Mezmerize/Hypnotize whole. Appropriately then, there's an intro to System's first new material since 2001's brilliant Toxicity. On "Soldier Side" Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian harmonize as they do throughout the record, and Malakian's guitar has a mournful, Eastern air.

149,95 dkr


Soldier Side - Intro     1:03
B.Y.O.B.     4:15
Revenga     3:48
Cigaro     2:11
Radio/Video     4:09
This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song     2:08
Violent Pornography     3:31
Question!     3:20
Sad Statue     3:25
Old School Hollywood     2:56
Lost In Hollywood     5:20

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€19.95 EUR
System Of A Down -  Mezmerize System Of A Down -  Mezmerize